Tides of War

Session #2

The Great Escape

You found a place to stay the night and were joined by two archers (Dill and Oliver) from the Green Hoods. They had been tasked with delivering a letter to Una Dawntracker in the Harken Forest. The same woman you were destined to meet at Septarch’s Tower in Fallcrest with your “package”. Unfortunately an Orc search party found your location. You set an ambush and made quick work of the ugly bastards, however they were soon followed by a unit of orcs lead by Krayd the Butcher, a massive female orc in blood stained plate mail (who took a liking to Grimtash). Dill and Tempest made sure the letter was destroyed, but Krayd took possession of the bag, which you discovered to contain a white glowing stone, although you were unable to discern its use.

You were taken to Harken Keep and imprisoned in the dungeon where you were questioned by a cruel half-orc named Ashokk the Executioner. Ashokk got a little bit of information out of you, namely “Sergeant Murgeddin”. You weathered your time (7 months) in prison remarkably well (Trug’s brief crisis of faith notwithstanding) and planned a daring escape. Oliver picked the lock of his cell, Grimtash lifted the door right off his cell and using some loose bricks found by Dill you picked on some guards who seemed susceptible to Trug’s insults and broke out. Dill also found a strange wooden card with the symbol of a key on it. You located your gear, found some cool magical shit and a shield that you eventually realized belonged to Sergeant Murgeddin. You then found the Sergeant, barely alive and missing a few fingers, but he was happy to see you. You managed to get him up and walking but on your way out the gate were met by Ashokk and some of his guards…



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