Tides of War

Session #3

One Year Later

You defeated Ashokk (who ran away), and escaped the prison with the injured Sergeant. During the battle you discovered that the card with the symbol the key actually created a magical effect — a pattern created by the moonlight appeared on the ground in the exact same key pattern on the card. Entering that square allowed you to teleport a short distance… Dill, the original holder of the card, actually teleported outside the gates inadvertently.

A few more months passed after your escape you learned a number of things and came together to discuss it on the anniversary of the war, where you were joined by Sergeant Murgeddin.

  1. Lord Markelhay (the former ruler of Fallcrest) is missing and presumed dead. Arnold Arncotte now runs Fallcrest for Marsinda Goldspinner (leader of the council of 9). He is corrupt and concerned only with money.
  2. Winterhaven is now inhabited by orcs, Krayd the Butcher has taken up in the manor house. She presumably still has the activation stone. The stone you learned can be used to activate a teleportation circle.
  3. Una Dawntracker knows the ritual to activate the circle and the stone. But she has been captured by Ashokk and is being held somewhere in Harken Keep.
  4. If you were to get the stone, and rescue Una, you could use the teleportation circle (in Fallcrest) as a gateway to the Bloodspear Orcs and defeat its leader, Bloodlet.

After speaking with Lorena Markelhay (the Lord’s daughter) you decided to set out for Harken Keep, rescue Una Dawntracker, and kill Ashokk the executioner. Your first stop is the town of Albridge, a small town near Harken Keep where you will meet with the region’s resistance leader, Dar Gremath. Lorena has sent word ahead to Gremath of your impending arrival.



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