items for sale


Healing Potion 50 gp minor action, lose a healing surge and regain 10hp
Chalk & Slate 1 gp Use chalk to write on dungeon walls, use it with slate to communicate silently, draw maps etc.
Crowbar 2 gp +2 bonus on strength checks to break open locked doors and containers
Disguise Kit 30 gp +2 bonus to bluff checks to pass off a disguise
Doctrinal Book 25 gp +2 on religion checks to that specific diety. If a check is failed, you can retry (reroll) after studying for 1 hour. (Corellon, Melora, Moradin, Bahamut, Pelor, Kord, Asmodeus, Gruumsh)
Footpads 5 pg +1 on stealth checks to move quietly. Must be worn.
Gambling Cheats 20 gp +2 bonus to thievery checks to cheat at gambling
Investigation Gear 40 gp +2 bonus to perception checks when using the kit to search an area for specific details.
(brushes, dusts, tweezers, picks, probes, magnifying glass)
Surveyor’s Gear 15 gp +2 to perception checks to search for secret doors, hidden rooms (takes at least 5 minutes)
10 foot pole 1 gp Allows you prod dangerous looking things from a distance of 10 feet (2 squares)
Camouflaged Clothing 30 gp +2 on stealth checks when you are not moving

IN STOCK MAGIC ITEMS (items will vary periodically)

Headband of Perception 311 gp +1 to Perception (head slot)
Amulet of Protection 342 gp +1 to Fortitude, Reflex and Will (neck slot)

COMMISSIONED MAGIC ITEMS (typically takes 2-4 weeks)

+1 Armor 350 gp +1 AC, any armor: cloth, leather, hide, chain, scale, plate
+1 Weapon 350 gp +1 to attack and damage rolls, and deals an extra 1d6 damage on critical hits
(any weapon, including rod and staff)

Mundane items can be resold at 20% of their original value.
Common magical items resell at 25%, Uncommon at 50% and rare at 100%
10sp = 1gp, 10gp = 1pp

items for sale

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